​Milly Welcomes the Bishop of Durham

All of the schools in Durham Diocese were invited to take part in an event to welcome the new Bishop of Durham.   I had been making a flag to represent our Academy at the Bishop of Durham’s inauguration and I was chosen to represent the Academy and carry the flag.

On the day I was very excited, as it was a once in a lifetime opportunity!  When we got there, there were so many important people related to the church, it made me feel very special to have been picked.  Everyone with flags representing their school had to form the guard of honour outside the cathedral while the Bishop came and knocked on the door with his staff. Then we had to parade down the cathedral and speeches were made.

Everyone went back to their seats except me and three other children.  We had been picked to go up into the cathedral to hand symbols of his job to the Bishop and say a line in front of hundreds all gathered in the cathedral - it was very nerve wracking but I enjoyed the day so much and am extremely thankful I was given the chance to go.