Thinkuknow is a website containing lots of information, including advice and guidance for both children and adults. This ranges from current trends regarding mobile phones, to how to stay safe whilst using social networking sites. The educational programme Thinkuknow consists of 3 main themes- How to have fun (all the fun things young people use the internet for- playing games, downloading music etc.), How to stay in control (what the possible risks are from the fun things and what they can do themselves to make their online experience a safe one) and How to report (where they can go to report inappropriate behaviour online and what this process entails). When you get home, I would recommend saving the site to your favourites and encouraging your children to also have a look.
Microsoft, who work in partnership with CEOP have added our report abuse tab to messenger, and since doing this, CEOP have had a 50% increase in the number of reports received. CEOP want to encourage children and young people to recognise the logo, so they know where to go to make a report.